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School Daze


Do you remember the feeling of going back to school after a long summer break? It was the kind of nervous excitement that put butterflies in your stomach and a lump in your throat. It lasted all day – from the moment you woke up until the afternoon school bell rang. What was it that made us feel that way? Was it worry, or fear? Was it the excitement of running into your crush? Or was it simply the feeling of being unsure of what to expect for the first time after three months of clearly-mapped-out summer? Perhaps D) All of the Above.

We still get that feeling from time to time as adults. Though not quite the same, we each find ourselves with those “back-to-school” butterflies at key moments in life. I feel it when we ship off to REALTOR® conferences, like KW’s Family Reunion, or Mega Camp. You probably feel it when you start a new job, or when it’s your turn to give a toast, business pitch, or presentation. I’m sure my clients feel it when they come to the closing table, or when we do our final walk through before taking the keys to their new home.

I don’t have anything particularly profound to say about having butterflies, except to say that I think it’s cool that every time we feel that rush of nervous energy come over us, we always think back to those first days of school. How neat is it that our bodies and minds want us to hang on to those memories? To never let go of our youth or the emotions that came along with it. It reminds me that we’re all still kids at heart and that, even in adulthood, we’re still learning, and growing, and taking it all in one day at a time.

We may have left the schoolhouse, but we never really stopped going to school. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk! 😛

I wish you and your kids & students a great first month back at school  (butterflies and all). I hope you have a great end to your summers as we head quickly into Fall once again!

Carey Light and the Light Team at Keller Williams

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