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Three Easy Valentine’s Day Activities – Valentine’s Day 2020

Whether you’re currently coupled or very very single, there are plenty of ways to make Valentine’s day fun and to spread a little love. Here are three things you can do on your own or as a couple this Valentine’s day.

1. Paint O-Town Red

Orlando is home to several great museums, a few fine theaters, and a great many fine restaurants. Plan yourself a day that gets you out of the house and check off a few of those bucket list items you keep waiting to get around to. Your day might look something like this:

  1. A stroll through the galleries at the Orlando Museum of Art, followed by…
  2. Dinner on Winter Park’s Park Ave, followed by…
  3. An independent film at The Enzian theater.


2. Or just Paint

Ghost definitely isn’t a giggly rom-com, but how burned into our brains is that classic pottery scene? <Swoon> Channel your inner Demi Moore and/or Patrick Swayze and head to one of the many local paint or pottery studios for an afternoon of art, creativity, and tactile fun!


3. Love the Wine you’re with

Charles Schulz once said, “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” He couldn’t be more right (though he forgot to mention wine). Wine and Chocolate make a perfect couple. Why not plan a tasting at Orlando’s Chocolate Museum & Cafe? Our mouths are watering at the very thought!

However you spend Valentine’s day, we hope it’s safe, fun, and especially memorable!


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